Admiral Microwaves unveils new miniature microwave SMP connectors

The Aaren Technology model AT37H-6483-FD is a male thread-in connector suited for incorporation into microwave modules needing multiple coax inputs/outputs in the minimum smallest possible space.  Overall dimensions are 6.7 x 3.95mm. Offering excellent performance from DC to 26GHz, the connector features a glass bead hermetic seal over the gold-plated Kovar centre contact.

The Aaren SMP connector is a high frequency push-fit design, fully compatible with the well-established GPO range from Corning Gilbert. The SMP Male thread-in is specified with a ‘full detent’ interface which requires a high mate/de-mate force.  This delivers a more positive mating action, thereby ensuring a higher reliability interface, which is essential for high performance microwave module applications.

Electrical specifications feature performance up to 26GHz, with a maximum VSWR of 1.2:1. Insertion loss is typically better than 0.1dB to 12GHz and 0.2dB to 26GHz.  The SMP Male thread-in is also specified for a maximum of 500 mate/de-mate cycles.  The connectors are RoHS compliant.

‘Limited detent’ versions are available, and are more typically used in ‘blind mate’ PCN applications.

Aaren Envirotech is also able to supply a range of SMP female to female cables designed to suit any application, from development and test applications to long-term use in permanent system installations.

Admiral Microwaves

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