Aerco strengthens distribution portfolio with two new major appointments

Aerco has long been a distributor of electronic and electrical components with strong technical expertise in a wide range of markets.  This ability to help engineeers with design issues and component selection has led to Aerco strengthening its relationship with two major suppliers.

Oxley appoints Aerco as its Master UK Distributor

Many customers are expressing concern that manufacturers are moving production to the Far East.  Because of this, Aerco’s customers are showing increasing interest in Oxley filters that are designed and manufactured in the UK.  The close relationship between the two companies has led to Aerco being appointed by Oxley Developments Company as its master distributor in the UK.  Aerco has been a franchised distributor for the Oxley range of interconnect terminal test points, RFI discrete filters, LED indicators, event counters and elapsed time indicators since 2008 and will now handle all direct sales in the UK.  Oxley will continue to serve the major programmes of OEM customers directly.

Aerco has an impressive record in supplying a wide range of electronic and electromechanical components to the aerospace, military and commercial market sectors.  This appointment is intended to capitalise on this expertise and further develop the close partnership between Oxley and Aerco to improve the service to UK customers in terms of delivery times and access to product expertise and design support.

 Steve Wells, business director of Oxley Developments Company, Components Business Unit, said: ‘We are making significant investment in our manufacturing capability and new product development programme, particularly in EMI and we believe that Aerco’s experience and capability will play an important part in this exciting new phase of development at Oxley.’

Aerco appointed as strategic distribution partner by Hypertac

Another important development has been the appointment of Aerco as a strategic distribution partner by Hypertac, the major international interconnect company, under the terms of which Aerco becomes Hypertac’s major stocking distributor in the UK.

The famed Hypertac hyperboloid contact system saves space by carrying 30% more current than traditional contacts and provides unrivalled performance in terms of mating cycles, shock and vibration immunity, long life, low contact resistance and low insertion and extraction force.  The system is featured across a broad range of Hypertac connectors.

The HDLP series is a range of low profile, high density, rectangular PCB connectors designed for use in applications where small, low mating force connectors with low and stable contact resistance are required while the Hypertac HBB connectors are rated up to 750A and provide easy mating and quick release with over 2,000 mating cycles.

This combination of high current capability with small size and high levels of environmental performance makes the HBB range particularly suitable for electric drives used in fighting vehicles, weapons, avionics, rail transport and automotive and medical equipment.

The most recent addition to the Hypertac connectors marketed in the UK by Aerco is a new range of spring-loaded, high-density connectors known as the MLPI (micro miniature low profile interposers) series. 

 Using its high level of expertise and long experience in spring probe contact technology, Hypertac has worked with its sister company IDI to develop a highly innovative contact technology that provides a spring-loaded contact system allowing one PCB to be connected to another situated directly above it.

With a pitch of 1mm and available up to 120-way, the MLPI series meets the requirements of the most demanding of applications.  The design ensures there are no appreciable degradation of contact resistance over a long life cycle and a low variation of electrical contact resistance even under extremes of shock and vibration.

This new connector range is ideal where space and height are limited but high-performance remains an essential criterion such as in board-to-board stacking assemblies in defence electronics or other demanding applications.

Design Support

At Aerco we are aware that having a broad choice of products, although providing our customers with product flexibility, is not enough – it has to be backed up by strong technical support and market knowledge.  Our support team is staffed by engineers who specialise by product area so that they can respond quickly with accurate and reliable information in response to enquiries from both designers and buyers.

In addition, when a design programme falters because a component cannot be sourced for whatever reason, the team can bring years of experience either to find an alternative, work with the supplier to design and implement changes to a standard component or change the design of the original product so that a component that can be sourced can be used.

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The attached photograph shows: back row: Lisa Lysons, Oxley UK sales manager, Paul Bandy, head of product management at Aerco.  Front: Tony Stephens, Aerco business development director, Steve Wells, Oxley business director – components.

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