Aeroflex launches most realistic traffic scenarios for testing LTE services

Aeroflex Limited has unveiled support for a comprehensive range of IP data services with the Aeroflex E500 LTE Capacity Test platform. Adding end-to-end data services supplements to the functional capability of the E500, provides network equipment vendors and cellular operators with a more realistic lab-based LTE end-to-end test solution.

The data service mixes are provided by a custom-designed Shenick diversifEye solution using real data applications with independent per-flow behaviour and analysis including web browsing, video streaming, and voice over LTE (VoLTE).

Commenting Robert Winters, CMO, Shenick said “Today”s demanding data usage scenarios mean that it”s critical for mobile operators and infrastructure system suppliers to completely understand performance and quality limits — from the RF side right through to the packet core. By working together with Aeroflex we are able to achieve this by providing real client and server applications that accurately replicate real-world user behaviour profiles.”

Using the E500 Capacity Test system will enable operators and vendors to have greater confidence in the performance of their network equipment before beginning large scale field trials. As LTE networks roll out on a larger scale, vendors and operators need to carry out capacity and stability testing. The network has to be loaded with hundreds to tens of thousands of UEs (user equipment), each potentially experiencing different radio fading profiles with varying traffic mixes in a multi-cell environment. These features are all supported by the E500 Capacity Test System, allowing test cases in the lab to mirror demanding real world cellular scenarios.

“Operators need to know at an early stage whether their networks will provide their customers with the quality of experience they demand, under a variety of different RF channel fading and traffic mix conditions such as image upload, web browsing, VoLTE calls, or watching a streaming video,” said Nick Carter, Senior Product Manager at Aeroflex. “Our integrated E500 test system makes it possible to measure overall LTE system performance rigorously under real life conditions.”


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