Alpha Micro launches GainSpan Wi-Fi modules for the ‘Internet of Things’

Despite the small form factor, both modules offer complete 802.11b ultra low power Wi-Fi client or AP solutions. The GS1011MIPS provides low power Wi-Fi connectivity with +8dBm of transmit output power, while the GS1011MExS is an extended range solution offering best in class transmit power of +18dBm.

Both offer easy system integration and minimal use of host resources. The modules provide both UART and SPI interfaces, making it possible to connect to any 8/16/32 bit microcontroller using simple AT commands. The modules are pre-loaded with serial to Wi-Fi firmware with complete Wi-Fi functionality including security, WPS and provisioning features running on the module as well as the networking stack, an embedded HTTP server with network configuration pages, and limited AP capability for ease of provisioning.

The modules feature built-in trace or external antenna options through a U.FL connector, an industrial operating temperature range from -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, and are certified or pre-certified for all major regulatory requirements including FCC, IC and ETSI.

The size-optimised GS1011MIPS and GS1011MExS are the newest additions to Alpha Micro’s portfolio of Wi-Fi modules which include the soldered down GS1500M (802.11b/g/n) and ultra-low power GS1011M (802.11b), as well as the connectorised GS1011MIC.

“These ultra low power small form factor modules from Gainspan really do give developers the option of adding Wi-Fi connectivity, which is an incredibly ubiquitous standard, onto products traditionally targeted for ZigBee or Bluetooth. The interoperability of the 802.11 standard makes this a compelling alternative.  We are seeing a host of HAN (Home Area Networks), telecare, and body worn tracking units now adopting this technology”, said Maxine Hewitt, Marketing Director, Alpha Micro Components.

Alpha Micro

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