Audience introduces the first smart sound processor

Audience, a specialist supplier of advanced voice and audio processing for mobile devices, has launched the first Smart Sound Processor, the earSmart eS515. The earSmart eS515 Smart Sound Processor combines the company’s Advanced Voice processing technology with its first high-performance, low-power audio codec for what it says is a best in class voice, speech recognition and multimedia experience on a mobile device.

Consumer demand has shifted to more sophisticated mobile devices and mobile device manufacturers are looking to tightly integrated processing solutions that deliver more capability, using less power. The earSmart eS515 Smart Sound Processor has been designed to deliver a number of industry-first innovations including: simultaneous 3-microphone processing, optimised Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Mobile Audio Zoom and Super Wideband support for Voice over IP (VoIP), combined with a robust audio codec designed specifically for the newest mobile devices.

“Audience has demonstrated its commitment to delivering the best-sounding voice and audio experience on pioneering mobile devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note II, the Google Nexus 10, the Motorola Razr I, and the world’s thinnest Android smartphone, the BBK vivo X1,”said Peter Santos, president and CEO, Audience. “The earSmart eS515 Smart Sound Processor is the first product to offer our Advanced Voice technology integrated with a complete audio codec subsystem, it takes us to the next stage in sound processing, providing our customers with a level of performance, integration, efficiency and auditory presence never before experienced.”

The earSmart eS515 features Audience’s third generation Advanced Voice technologies. It is the first three-microphone technology where all three microphones can be used simultaneously to gather more environmental information around the user and deliver vastly improved voice quality. In addition, it supports high sample-rate VoIP calls, offering best voice quality for narrowband and wideband networks. It is also the first sound processor to offer de-reverberation for mobile devices removing the echo effect in spaces such as conference rooms and hallways.

The earSmart eS515 Smart Sound Processor features the first multi-microphone 48 KHz noise suppression implementation for the recording of clean, HD audio. Its also features Audio Zoom, a selective audio capture feature that allows users to dynamically switch between narrate mode, with a single speaker, to interview mode, where the person holding the device can interview another person.

The solution includes an Audience Advanced Voice Processor core and a hardware accelerator engine, optimised to run computationally intensive audio algorithms with low power consumption. In addition, the eS515 processor includes a best-in-class stereo audio codec, previously available only in standalone solutions. The Audience codec subsystem consists of multiple analogue to digital converters (ADCs) and digital to analogue converters (DACs), as well as stereo class D speaker drivers, stereo class G headphone drivers, an earpiece driver, and two line outputs.

The earSmart eS515 is currently sampling to customers globally.


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