CamdenBoss extends fuse and fuseholders range

These IEC 60269 10.3 x 38mm gPV fuses feature breaking capacity of 20kA at 1000V DC and have UL and TUV approval pending.

The CamdenBoss power fuse range also includes 8.5 x 31.5mm and 10.3 x 38mm types for semiconductor and general use and 8.5 x 31.5mm types for motor circuit protection.

The company’s general-purpose fuse range includes 5 x 20mm axial, glass and ceramic fuses, 6.3 x 25mm glass fuses, and 6.3 x 32mm glass and ceramic fuses all with quick-blow and time delay options. Miniature axial 2.4 x 7mm micro fuses are also available offering very fast acting and slow-blow time delay actions.

For board mounting applications, CamdenBoss offers surface mount fuses and leaded radial round and square fuses all with quick-blow and time delay. The company also offers a comprehensive range of PTC self-resetting fuses rated from 6 to 250V.

Fuseholders available include a 5.08mm PCB type for plug-in fuses, 5 x 20mm PCB fuse carriers with straight or kinked pins with optional covers, 5 x 20mm compact horizontal and vertical PCB mounting types offering finger or screwdriver release bayonet carriers and 5 x 20mm semi-enclosed PCB mounting types with 15 or 22.6mm pitch.

There is also a wide range of panel mounting fuseholders including 5 x 20mm low profile, 5 x 20mm compact and 5 x 20mm snap-fit types and three 6.3 x 32mm types offering low profile, low profile snap-fit and standard snap-fit mounting. The fuseholder range is completed by two chassis mounting products offering 6 and 15A ratings for 5 x 20mm fuses, a chassis mounting fuseholder for 6.3 x 32mm fuses up to 30A and a multi-size inline fuseholder that accepts 5 x 20mm, 6.3 x 32mm and 6.3 x 25mm type fuses.

Available from stock, the CamdenBoss range of fuses and fuseholders is complemented by the company’s range of PCB mounting fused terminal blocks available for 5 x 20mm and 6.3 x 25mm fuses.


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