China Mobile Research Institute and Anite collaborate in TD-LTE test technology

Device quality assurance is a high priority for a successful commercial launch. This is why CMRI will work with Anite to develop validated protocol conformance and interoperability test specifications and test systems. The cooperation will help speed up volume availability of TD-LTE devices.

TD-LTE is the TDD version of LTE, developed with LTE FDD to meet the increasing user demand for mobile broadband. TD-LTE has the backing of many mobile network operators in Asia Pacific, America and Europe. With imminent network deployments and support from major companies in the mobile communications space, industry experts expect TD-LTE to capture a significant share of the LTE market. The Global TD-LTE Initiative (GTI) was established in February 2011 by leading international mobile network operators and today 33 TD-LTE trial networks have been launched across the world.

Mike Bonin, MD of Anite’s Handset Testing business says, “Anite is collaborating with China Mobile to support a successful commercial LTE service for both China and the global market. As a leading provider of device test solutions, Anite recognised the potential of TD-LTE early in 2009 and leads the market in terms of test case availability.”


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