CISSOID unveils Neptune, a new high-temperature 1200V/10ASiC MOSFET

CISSOID, a developer of high-temperature semiconductor solutions, has introduced the CHT-NEPTUNE, a high-voltage power switch in TO-257 package, suitable for power converters and motor drives guaranteed for reliable operation up to +225°C. The CHT-NEPTUNE is a high-temperature, high-voltage, Silicon Carbide MOSFET specifically built for power converter applications in high-temperature and harsh environments.

The device is available in a hermetically-sealed TO-257 metal package – the case being isolated from the switch terminals – and features low junction-to-case thermal resistance (1.1°C/W). The product is guaranteed for reliable operation on the full range -55°C to +225°C. It has a breakdown voltage in excess of 1200V and is capable of switching currents up to 10A at the maximum temperature (Tj=225°C). The device features a body diode that can be used as free-wheeling diode.

The switch can be controlled with a typical gate voltage (VGS) of -2V / +20V. The transistor’s RDS-ON exhibits 90m? at 25°C and 150m? at 225°C with VGS=20V. Support and characterization data can also be provided to drive the transistor at lower VGS voltages (e.g. 5V or 10V). This new device features low – and temperature-independent – switching energy of less than 400µJ at 600V/10A.

According to Jean-Christophe Doucet, VP Marketing at CISSOID, “Our high-temperature semiconductor solutions work reliably with no hidden features. Guaranteeing a 1200V power device on the full temperature range up to 225°C with our usual reliability was a major challenge; we are delighted to bring this product to the market. We believe existing solutions were not satisfactory, and we see a tremendous interest for CHT-NEPTUNE.”

CISSOID was already offering the first isolated gate driver solution for SiC with 225°C rating (HADES™); with this addition the company can now offer a complete, turnkey, solution combining the gate driver and the power switches, saving months of expensive and painful R&D for our customers.

CHT-NEPTUNE can be used together with CISSOID gate drivers CHT-THEMIS & ATLAS, and with the fully isolated half-bridge gate driver EVK-HADES. The combination HADES+NEPTUNE will save months of R&D to system designers when designing a motor drive or a power converter.


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