CommScope demonstrates technical feasibility of Category 8 copper cabling system

CommScope, a leading supplier of infrastructure solutions for communications networks, has successfully demonstrated the technical feasibility of Category 8 cabling for enterprise networks. This is being seen as a major step along the path towards a viable 40GBASE-T system for data centre applications.

CommScope has verified a proof-of-concept solution for a viable 40 Gigabit per second (Gbps) Ethernet channel by utilizing prototype Category 8 RJ-45 connectors and copper twisted pair cables. All components in this ground-breaking concept were designed by engineers in CommScope labs. This demonstration took place at the recent International Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.3 NGBASE-T study group meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. A technical contribution to the study group titled, “Category 8 Structured Cabling Channel Demonstration by CommScope,” described the feasibility of the concept.

“This contribution highlights CommScope’s commitment to bring next generation copper cabling and connectivity solutions to the market,” said Richard Mei, director of transmission solutions, CommScope. “We believe this demonstrated solution shows the real market potential for customers to eventually take advantage of 40G transmission rates over copper twisted-pair based media with cable and connector types they are familiar with today.”

The two aspects outlined by this proof-of-concept include commonly used RJ-45 connectors and bandwidth capability of proposed Category 8 cabling. Today, 10GBASE-T continues to gain broad acceptance in the server and access layers, and CommScope anticipates bandwidth growth will necessitate a 40GBASE-T solution in the future. BASE-T technology in conjunction with RJ-45 connectivity is a widely accepted and cost-effective networking option in both data centre and commercial building environments. The CommScope proof-of-concept demonstrates that data centre operators will be able to extend their preferred mean of communication technology for 40G.

“The SYSTIMAX brand is a recognised leader in next generation networking with a history of innovation,” said Mei. “We will continue to work with customers to help deploy appropriate solutions for the continued emergence of 10GBASE-T applications. When a 40G cabling solution does become market ready and available, they will have the right infrastructure to provide a sensible migration path.”


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