Compact block converters use only a third of the rack space of conventional products

Designers of satellite communications systems can free up a significant amount of 19in. rack space by using a new range of compact block converters from Link Microtek. Manufactured by US company MITEQ, the patented 1/3-rack products are each housed in a 1/3-width, 1U-high package, allowing three times as much functionality to be integrated into the rack space of a conventional 19in. unit.

These full-function up-converters and down-converters are designed to provide frequency translation between L-band and the transponder frequency. They are available in a wide range of frequency options covering commercial and military satcom applications in the C, X, Ku and Ka bands.

The block converters can be easily configured to create redundancy systems in a 1U space, thereby ensuring continuous operation of satellite communications terminals and preventing any disruption to services.

Featuring a gain of 30dB for up-converters and 35dB for down-converters, the units incorporate a gain control facility and automatic selection of 5/10MHz internal/external reference oscillator. They offer excellent frequency stability and phase-noise performance, as well as low intermodulation distortion.

Each 1/3-rack unit has its own independent power supply, front-panel indicator LEDs and outputs for monitoring both power and local-oscillator frequency. In addition, the block converters can be specified with a remote control option that provides RS485/RS422 and 10/100Base-T Ethernet interfaces, a password-protected HTTP-based web server and front-panel controls.

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