Cree introduces new comprehensive LED luminaire test

“LM-79 is a necessary test and has become a requirement for doing business in the Solid State Lighting market,” said Mark McClear, director of global applications engineering, Cree. “TEMPO 24 includes a fully accredited LM-79 test, but goes well beyond this or any currently existing standards. Cree has identified nearly a dozen potential problems when it comes to LED luminaire design. Our goal is the same as our customers, and that is quality SSL products that save energy. TEMPO 24 helps ensure this and gives customers the information they need to design and specify an SSL product.”

TEMPO 24 provides LED luminaire tests that are not offered by any other third-party testing facility. In addition to LM-79 testing which is an approved method for taking electrical and photometric measurements, TEMPO 24 testing includes binning and colour point evaluation, chemical compatibility and TM-21 lifetime projection. TEMPO 24 examines all aspects of an LED design and provides customers a true assessment of luminaire performance that can be used to promote and distinguish their product. Every TEMPO service delivers an accurate, easy-to-understand TEMPO report that includes all testing results and relevant performance data.

Cree’s Durham Technology Center NVLAP accreditation (NVLAP lab code 500070-0) ensures that TEMPO measurements are performed according to the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) approved method for the electrical and photometric measurements of LED lighting – delivering lighting manufacturers consistent, accurate and repeatable measurements for luminaires. NVLAP accreditation signifies that a laboratory has demonstrated it operates in accordance with NVLAP management and technical requirements pertaining to quality systems, personnel, accommodation and environment, test and calibration methods, equipment, measurement tractability, sampling, handling of tests and calibration items, and test and calibration reports. Cree laboratories also work to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) requirements.


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