Dialog launches its latest audio codecs to enhance Smartphone sound quality

Dialog Semiconductor has launched its latest two ultra low power audio CODECs designed to provide full range, high fidelity sound while extending the time between battery charges of portable media players, smartphones and other embedded devices. The new DA7320 and DA7321 audio CODECs feature a programmable Digital Signal Processor (DSP) that makes precise adjustments to the parametric equaliser (EQ) controlling the audio amplitude, centre frequency and bandwidth. This is in addition to a Dynamic Range Compressor (DRC), which limits and amplifies sounds over certain thresholds without distortion.

By using a multi-channel architecture that digitally mixes and routes multiple audio streams to deliver clock consistency, Dialog’s technology ensures sound plays evenly on headphone and speaker peripherals without the clicks, static or grunge you typical experience when there is any variation.

A deep, rich base and high frequency clarity is created on the DA7321 through the use of innovative software that expands the size of the audio image. This helps to expose musical vocals, high-frequency instruments and ambient details present in the audio source and increase the overall sound field. A psychoacoustic bass boost (PBB) can be enabled for improved perceived low frequency response on low cost small factor speakers.

Udo Kratz, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Audio and Power Management at Dialog, commented, “Dialog’s new DA7320 and DA7321 audio CODECs deliver natural, realistic audio with a wider sound field to the wireless and wired headphones and small form factor speakers that consumers increasingly want to use. The new chips have already been selected for a reference design platform for entry level smartphones that will be coming onto the market in 2013.”

The new audio CODECs use a single supply voltage of just 1.6V, an ultra-low power consumption of 3.85mW and support common sample rates between 8 to 96kHz in master and slave modes. The DA7320/1 family comes in a 64 pin BGA package with a 0.5mm pitch and has an operating temperature range of -400C to +85C.



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