DMTL stocking latest generation of low profile AVX crystal oscillators

“These new crystal oscillators represent a major step forward in both size reduction and performance improvement” says Pete Jones, Commercial Director at DMTL.

There are three key models in the CX3225xx series, all capable of operating up to 54MHz. In what is expected to be become the industry standard footprint for this type of component, the new devices all measure 3.2 x 2.5mm with a very low profile height off the board dependent on model.

The CX3255GA features a frequency range of 9.8 to 54MHz with a frequency deviation of ± 30ppm at 25ºC or ± 150ppm across the operating temperature range of -40 to +125ºC and maintains conductivity after 3000 cycles. Maximum height off the board is just 0.95mm. The CX3225CA offers the same frequency range, a temperature range up to 125ºC and a height off the board of 0.9mm. Both models are particularly suited for automotive ECU and air bag applications.

The CX3225SB offers a frequency range of 12 to 54MHz with frequency deviation of just ± 15ppm at 25ºC. Operating temperature range is up to 150ºC. Height off the board is just 0.6mm max. According to DMTL, this device is ideal for automotive remote keyless entry systems and multimedia applications.

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