EasySYNC releases new family of rugged, adapter modules

The adapter products in this family are subdivided into three series. Those in the USB2-H-100X-M series are designed for interfacing with RS232 level I/Os and have the capacity to support maximum data rates of 1 Mbps for each port. While the adapters in the USB2-H-500X-M and USB2-H-600X-M series are for interfacing with RS485 and RS422 level I/Os respectively, both supporting data rates of up to 8 Mbps for each port.

Offered in single, dual, quad. 8 and 16 port configuration versions, each of the modules uses a standard USB-B device connector for attaching to an upstream host or hub port. All of them incorporate a USB 2.0 Hi-Speed bridge chip supplied by FTDI.

Each channel of the adapter modules in this family has an industry-standard DE-9P connector, with the single and dual port modules also incorporating 5 mm terminal block connectors per channel, as an alternative interface option. They are capable of supplying an output voltage of +5 VDC at currents levels of up to 80 mA on the 5 mm terminal block connectors or 30 mA on the DB9 connectors. Integrated transmitter and receiver LEDs provide a visual indication of data traffic passing through the modules.

These products are contained within metal enclosures allowing them to be utilized in harsh industrial environments. They have an operational temperature range that spans from -40 °C to +85 °C. All members of this family are fully compliant with both FCC Part 15 Subpart B and European EMC directive.

“EasySYNC’s plug-and-play adapter modules mean engineers can benefit from functionality afforded by current computing hardware so that existing automation and industrial control systems can gain advanced functionality,” states Susan Maxwell, General Manager of EasySYNC. “With these new, more robust additions to our product portfolio, the scope of application areas that can be supported is greatly expanded.”


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