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Ecomal is delighted to announce the development of 2 new products that can revolutionise lighting solutions.  When used in conjunction with existing LED technology, these new sensors add multifunctional capabilities to ordinary lighting.

1.   2 Channel sensor: Touchless sensor module 2 PWM

2.   1 Channel sensor: Touchless sensor module 1 PWM

Both sensors have the same basic functionality which is the ability to react to gestures and proximity using infrared technology up to a distance of 15cm.  These movements will allow the module to act as a dimmer or on/off switch. 

The use of the gesture turns the light on/off and switches between the 2 PWM.

The proximity function dims the LED and allows mixing of different colour temperatures.         

The difference between the 1 and 2 channel sensors is that the latter allows the user to mix colours within the lighting.  The gestures are used to change channel for example from amber LED to white LED and then be dimmed or brightened accordingly.  With this function, the user can create a bespoke mix of cold or warm white to your own requirements.

There is also the capacity to use a static hand pose to save the setting preferences through the proximity sensor.  This means that once a bespoke colour mix has been selected, the lighting will remain at this setting until the user wishes to change it again.


There are several benefits to using these new solutions:

  • State of the art technology in the sensor allows operation without a mechanical switch or physical contact.  This is of particular use in public areas such as hospitals where there is a sterile environment.
  • The sensors can operate in bright sunlight or behind glass and so remain active in all weathers thus negating the need for a mechanical switch.
  • The modular makeup of the Ecomal lighting range means that all components can be used independent of each other. For example, users can run the sensors with low voltage or halogen lights and the drivers with a traditional mechanical switch.
  • All the new products have been designed and manufactured at the Ecomal Design Centre in Germany.
  • Ecomal can offer cost effective bespoke solutions for every customer.

About Ecomal

As part of the Vishay family, Ecomal has been operating for over 30 years in the design support of semiconductors and passive components through bespoke solutions for a multitude of organisations across Europe.  Encompassing all elements of the electronic component industry and with networks in several European countries, Ecomal has become a reputable partner in the supply of electronics.   Ecomal has worked with the automotive and consumer electronics industries as well as a full spectrum of industrial applications.  More recently, they have branched out with the increased focus on energy efficient technologies, creating new products that can help your organisation to reduce its carbon footprint. 

The design and production of these LED lighting solutions are just one step in what is hoped to be a consistent area of development for Ecomal and Vishay.  Harnessing their expertise and experience with electronics, the in-house designers continue to see new ways of improving functionality. 

For more details about any of the information above, please visit www.ecomal.com or contact:

Contact: Marcus Lippert

Regional Sales Manager UK

T:  +44 (0)1344 303621

M: +44 (0)7920713508

E: marcus.lippert@ecomal.com

See us at EURO LED:UK Exhibition at NEC, Birmingham on 13th and 14thth June 2012

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