End-to-End A/V automation solution offers quick installation

Digital connectivity solutions provider Gefen has released GAVA (Gefen Audio/Video Automation), a new system for both residential and commercial applications. It offers an easy installation using a configuration wizard and an IP-based system that controls all connected audio/video devices in the home or business as well as window shades and lighting.

GAVA uses an HTML5 interface and is optimised to work with smart phones and tablets such as the iPhone, iPad and Android using a web browser as the control interface. Unlike many other automation systems offering control through smart phones, GAVA does not require any special downloaded applications.

“We believe GAVA offers the most intuitive system setups available today,” said Orrin Charm, Gefen’s automation project manager. “By using templates and a driver library to identify and configure A/V equipment, you can set up a multi-zone rooms in in just a few minutes. Yet it is a multi-room, multi-user control system, and not just another ‘smart’ remote.”

Once configured, GAVA retains a unique IP address that enables any authorized device with wi-fi capability the ability to access and control the entire A/V system. Although designed to run on a network, it does not require Internet access for configuration or use, but it can be connected to the Internet for firmware and library updates or for remote technical support or control.

“One of the best features of GAVA is the ability to save the configuration onto the computer hard disc, then have the ability to recall the setting later on,” said Hagai Gefen, president and CEO, Gefen. “With this option, you can essentially ship GAVA to the installation site and literally drop it in with total plug and play functionality.”

GAVA works with A/V receivers, matrix switchers, Blu-ray players, Apple TVs, iTunes, set-top boxes and HDTV displays. If some devices are not IP ready, GAVA can be combined with Gefen’s PACS (Professional Automation Control System) or the Mini PACS. These bridge devices connect via IP to use RS-232, IR and triggers to control A/V components . Eight IR emitter ports, three RS-232 ports, 10 trigger outputs and an Ethernet 10/100 BaseT connection are included on PACS. The Mini PACS has three IR ports, one RS-232 port, two relay contacts plus the Ethernet port.

GAVA also comes with remote service access and can be easily upgraded throughout the life of the product.



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