Ericsson adds new development boards to 3E Gold Design Kit

Developed for system-level power design, the ROA1285068 and ROA1285077 3E design kits enable systems architects to develop the exact power architecture required for their final application, but also to configure and monitor every single component to optimise performance and reduce energy consumption. The two new board kits can also be interconnected with other 3E kits such as the ROA1283835 and the ROA1283836 and can be used as stand-alone kits for smaller systems or educational purposes.

“The availability of these new design and development boards further extend the capabilities of Ericsson”s 3E Gold Edition Design Kit,” said Patrick Le Fèvre, Marketing and Communication Director, Ericsson Power Modules. “In conjunction with the recent launch of the Ericsson Digital Power Compendium, they further demonstrate the company’s strong commitment to help engineers in developing advanced power solutions for world-class energy efficiency.”

For easy control, monitoring and programming of the target 3E Point-of-Load DC-DC converters, the two boards are PMBus compliant and can be connected via Ericsson’s KEP91017 USB-to-PMBus adaptor to a personal computer running the 3E Gold Edition software package.

The ROA1285068 is dedicated to the Single-In-Line (SIP) versions of Ericsson’s 3E digital Point-of-Load converters. The board includes eight sockets: two for the BMR462/2 (12A SIP 3E-POL); three for the BMR453/2 (20A SIP 3E-POL); and three for the BMR464/2 (40A SIP 3E-POL). In addition to the ability to control, monitor and test single POLs, the ROA1285068 kit also allows parallel operation of up to three modules, delivering up to 120A output current, providing the capability for board power designers to optimize current sharing before application implementation, thereby reducing time-to-market.

The ROA1285077 has been specially designed for customers requiring the connection of up to seven modules in parallel, reaching an output current of up to 280A. The board layout has been optimised for high current and includes high-power connectors for connection to external loads; the board also includes seven sockets to accommodate either the 20A BMR463-PI or the 40A BMR464-PI.

The user guide to the Ericsson 3E Gold Edition software is also available in the recently launched Digital Power Compendium, available for download at, which offers more than 450 pages on important digital power technologies including 17 technical papers and specifications on Ericsson’s advanced 3E power converters.

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