Euroquartz launches latest Statek high temperature oscillator

The device is suitable for applications that include downhole instrumentation, rotary shaft sensors, underground boring tools and avionics.

The design comprises of a hermetically-sealed high-shock crystal and a CMOS-compatible IC housed in a 5 x 7.5mm surface-mount ceramic package. Additional features include excellent stability over temperature, fast start-up, CMOS and TTL compatible, optional enable/disable and low EMI emission.

Specifications include 3.3 or 5.0V supply voltage, standard calibration tolerance of ±50ppm (or tighter if required), output load (CMOS) of 15pF, start-up time of 5ms maximum, rise/fall time of 10ns maximum, duty cycle of 40% minimum/60% maximum, vibration survival of 20g (10 to 2000Hz swept sine), shock survival up to 100,000g (0.5ms, ½sine) and operating temperature range from -55 to +225°C.

Available in tray pack or on tape and reel, the new Statek HGXOHT high temperature, high shock crystal oscillators feature maximum process temperature of 260°C for 20s.


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