Farnell and element14 brands combine

The new brand will continue to provide customers with all they currently receive, but customers will also now have access to the online research, design and collaboration tools from element14. The site was the first to allow engineers to connect with one another and with industry experts to collaborate on new ideas and challenges. The community helps users find answers to their questions and to gather impartial, independent knowledge and information on technical issues and the latest innovations and technologies, a good example of that was the company’s recent announcement of a global distribution deal with the Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Farnell element14 is one of only two global distributors to offer the ground-breaking credit card sized computer and a bespoke group was created on the eCommunity and is supporting the conversations, debates and sharing of knowledge and information from the flood of developers and first-time programmers keen to get the most from the Raspberry Pi.

“When we analyse the web’s potential to transform the way businesses operate today, we realise that there’s more coming up in the next few decades with big changes in customer shopping habits,” said Alan Paterson, Marketing Director, Farnell Europe. “The coming together of element14 and Farnell into a single, powerful entity is a significant step that highlights how the business has adapted well to the digital age. We continue to provide the great products and services both brands are known for with a vision of a single destination that offers an unprecedented range of technical data, innovative tools and services, meaningful community and expert engagement, and the best component shopping experience ever.”

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