First analogue-based power management controller with integrated MCU unveiled

Microchip has unveiled the MCP19111, the world’s first digitally enhanced power analogue controller, in a move that further expands Microchip’s diverse range of intelligent DC/DC power-conversion solutions. Microchip is also expanding its high-speed MOSFET family, with the new MCP87018, MCP87030, MCP87090 and MCP87130.

Rated at 25V, these 1.8 m?, 3 m?, 9 m? and 13 m? logic-level MOSFETs have been optimised for Switched-Mode-Power-Supply (SMPS) applications. The combination of the MCP19111 digitally enhanced power analogue controller, a new hybrid, digital and analogue power-management device, and the expanded MCP87XXX family of low-Figure-of-Merit (FOM) MOSFETs, supports configurable, high-efficiency DC/DC power-conversion designs for a broad array of consumer and industrial applications.

The MCP19111 digitally enhanced power analogue family operates across a wide voltage range of 4.5 to 32V and offers a significant increase in flexibility over existing conventional analogue-based solutions. It offers what is believed to be world’s first hybrid, mixed-signal power-management controller, integrating an analogue-based PWM controller with a fully functional Flash-based microcontroller.

This integration offers design engineers the flexibility of a digital solution, with the speed, performance and resolution of an analogue-based controller. The MCP19111 devices support operation up to 32V, and have integrated MOSFET drivers configured for synchronous, step-down applications. When combined with Microchip’s expanded family of high-speed MOSFETs, the MCP19111 drives customisable, high-efficiency power conversion.

The MCP19111 Evaluation Board (ADM00397), also includes Microchip’s high-speed MOSFETs and is available now. This evaluation board is offered with standard firmware, which is user-configurable through an MPLAB X IDE Graphical User Interface (GUI) plug-in. The combined evaluation board, GUI and firmware allow power-supply designers to configure and evaluate the performance of the MCP19111 for their target applications.

The MCP87030/090/130/018 Power MOSFETs are also vailable now for sampling and volume production, with the exception of the MCP87018 which has expected availability in February. The MCP19111 controller is offered in a 5×5 mm, 28-pin QFN package. The MCP87030 and MCP87018 MOSFETs are offered in a 5×6 mm, 8-pin PDFN package. The MCP87090 and MCP87130 MOSFETs are offered in both a 5×6 mm, 8-pin PDFN package, as well as a 3.3×3.3 mm, 8-pin PDFN package.


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