First Myriad RF interface board launched for USB / DE0-Nano FPGA board connection

Azio has launched the first interface board for Myriad RF, a non-profit, open-source RF hardware project. The DE0-Nano interface board connects to the Myriad-RF1 allowing users to easily connect to Altera Cyclone IV FPGAs (on Terasic”s DEO-Nano board). The DE0-Nano also provides a USB connector to link Myriad directly to PCs and Raspberry Pi to set up the board.

Azio has also announced a competition with its first 250 customers being entered into a draw for a free DE0-Nano interface board. Full details on the board and competition are on the Azio website:

The Myriad RF project was launched in March by Lime Microsystems to increase access – and therefore the number of people using RF hardware – in order to further innovation in the sector.


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