Fujitsu releases wide-voltage and low-power 8-bit MCUs with LCD control and analogue functionality

Fujitsu Semiconductor Europe (FSEU) is expanding its “New 8FX” family of high-performance 8-bit microcontrollers to include twelve products each from the 64-pin MB95770 series and the 80-pin MB95710 series, both of which feature LCD control and advanced analogue functionality. The MCUs support a wide range of operating voltages from 1.8V to 5.5V.

Typical applications include battery-powered healthcare devices such as blood pressure and blood glucose level meters, home appliances including washing machines and air conditioner indoor units, as well as FA devices such as thermometers and pressure gauges.

The 64- and 80-pin packages of the MB95770 and MB95710 series are available with up to 60KB of embedded flash memory. In addition to featuring LCD control functionality supporting up to 224 and 288 segments, the two series are equipped with peripheral circuits such as various timers, communications functions, high-precision 12-bit A/D converters and analogue comparators that are useful for general-purpose applications. Employing these new low-cost, low-power microcontrollers, will enable manufacturers to reduce the number of system components required in healthcare devices and other battery-operated equipment.

The wide voltage operation range from 1.8V to 5.5V allows other implementation scenarios as well, including 3V or 5V power supply circuit boards for the HMI (human machine interface) of washing machines, indoor air conditioner units and other applications. Moreover, the new products can be used as power supply control microcontrollers that help reduce energy consumption by managing the system”s power supply.


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