Gateway stocking transient protection diodes from EIC

Gateway Electronic Components, a dedicated distributor for EIC discrete semiconductors, is now offering EIC’s 30KP series axial-leaded Transient-Voltage Suppression (TVS) diodes for applications up to 400V and 30kW.

The 30KP is part of a wider series of TVS diodes from EIC, all of which are available from Gateway, and these include the 5KP, 30KP and 50KP. The devices offer a low cost alternative to other brands, without compromising on quality and are available on a short lead time.

The EIC 30KP series covers reverse standoff-voltage ratings from 26V to 400V, in unidirectional and bidirectional variants. The unidirectional devices are able to withstand 250A peak forward surge current (IFSM). All 30KP series TVS diodes have fast response time, excellent clamping capability and low leakage current, and are packaged as axial-leaded devices in the D6 moulded plastic package.

TVS diodes are essential for products such as power supplies, telecom or networking products, server cards and renewable energy. Gateway’s supply-chain management can help reduce delivery times for customers choosing the 30KP series.


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