Harwin installs new water treatment plant improves quality, kind to environment

The new plant which uses resin filter technology, supplied by PureTech, cleans all the rinse water and recycles it back into the plating area. The heavy metals – gold and tin – cleansed from the water can be reclaimed. Although this is already a common practice for gold, it is an industry first to reclaim the tin using this process.

Comments CEO, Andrew McQuilken: “We should also see an improvement in the water quality used in the plating line, which will help maintain a high quality of plating finish on our products. Currently, by using standard tap water, the level of conductivity in the water is typically 400-600 microsiemens – recycled water after treatment will be below 5 microsiemens. Moreover, this new investment puts ahead of immanent European legislation.”

About Harwin

Harwin is a manufacturer of standard interconnect components with an enviable reputation for high quality and exceptional customer service. Harwin has been successfully manufacturing electronic components for more than 50 years. Harwin’s sales and service extend worldwide via offices and manufacturing facilities in the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore & Taiwan and a world wide distribution network. Products include: High Reliability devices; RFI & PCB Hardware; and an extensive range of industry standard interconnection solutions. The company operates a continuous product development program, and offers a custom connector design service.


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