HUBER+SUHNER looks to improve lighting protection for air navigation systems

HUBER+SUHNER has launched two new lightning protection devices designed to safeguard a variety of ground-based civil and military aircraft navigation and communication systems. Developed as an alternative to traditional gas discharge devices, both models offer very high lightning current capability, guaranteed stable RF characteristics with no change in performance after strikes and a very low residual pulse.

Designated 3407.17.0088 and 3407.17.0089, the new protectors are based on quarter-wave shorting stub technology with an integrated high pass filter. This gives both models a multiple strike current capability of 50kA (8/20µs), residual energy figures of less than 100nJ and a very wide bandwidth of 74 to 420MHz. Return loss is greater than 23dB and maximum power rating is 500W. Importantly, they are maintenance free.

The devices differ only in the way they are connected – the 3407.17.0088 with a male N plug, the 3407.17.0088 using a female N plug. With full compliance to IEC 61643-21, the new protectors will suit practically every ground-based navigation and communications systems including Marker Beacons, Localizers, VORs, Glide Path Equipment and Civil and Military air communication systems.


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