Ideal Power offers unique 6 Watt plug top that’s also a desk top!

In the interests of reducing the escalating waste of electrical energy, various countries (including the UK and US) have, during the last decade, introduced a number of improved efficiency and reduced off-load (standby) targets for external power supplies. With these intentions in mind, the US has produced CEC Level V (California Energy Commission) and the UK and Europe have produced the energy efficiency compliance known by the acronym, ErP2. Innovative design, high efficiency and low power losses mean this Eco-Friendly power supply easily surpasses both CEC V compliance and the recently adopted European ErP2 requirements: with a no load current of ≤0.3W this power supply is the best in its class.

A well known UK manufacturer of portable gas detection equipment for personal and plant protection recently introduced a new range of hand held products for use throughout the world. Like many companies today they take the responsibilities of sustainability, efficiency and company environmental impact to heart, and chose components and suppliers who take those same responsibilities. They aim to reduce costs and waste, including their carbon footprint, and to offer products designed for the future but available now. With this in mind, considerable time and effort was invested into their latest range of products. Whilst they had control over meeting exacting standards within their products, the power source to meet their requirements initially proved a problem. Fortunately Ideal Power came to the rescue and offered a product meeting all the required parameters, including finding a single product that could be used world wide without the addition of any extras or options, and one meeting world wide safety approvals and energy efficiency compliances.

After careful consideration the ‘U’ series 6W power supply was chosen because it offered them the versatility of supplying customers worldwide without the usual plug top AC mismatch issues. Customers have the choice of 4 AC blades: UK, US, EU and Aust style AC mains sockets, but if none of these are appropriate or a suitable supply socket is not available, then the integral IEC320-C8 connector becomes a very simple solution. It also meets the second criteria of energy efficiency compliance and the demands of an extremely low off load (standby) current. The U series easily beats the requirements of both these international requirements and is approved to worldwide approvals, including EN60950 and UL1310, and safety approvals UL (USA), TUV (EU & UK), PSE (Japan), C-Tick (Australia) and CE. It is also fully compliant with RoHS and Reach (73SVHC).

Luckily for another UK manufacturer – this time a company manufacturing and supplying the UK and Europe with high value, high reliability computer peripheral products – Ideal Power once again proved to be the answer. Being in a very competitive consumer market which expects good value for money and is always looking for that something extra, the customer agreed that the reason they chose the ‘U’ 6W series was simply that it complemented perfectly the compactness and aesthetics of their product. With an overall size of just 54 x 47 x 29.5 mm and weighting

Being compact does not mean having to sacrifice specification or functionality. Even though the power supply is very compact, there is still enough room to incorporate automatic protection, including OVP and SCP, LPS and auto recovery, making it very suitable for portable products, whether it be data loggers, environmental monitoring products, Health and Safety equipment, or fixed equipment like electronic scales or flow measuring products.

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