IGT Industries offer demonstrations of “Thin Film” backlighting technology

IGT Industries Ltd is offering to demonstrate their market leading and patented thin-film backlighting technology at customer premises. Applications for this innovative and customisable illumination system include backlighting of capacitive touch panels for HMI systems including POS, ATM and industrial control panels as well as Illuminated signage for indicators and instruction panels including “secret until lit” emergency signs for aircraft and POS.

IGT’s sales and marketing manager, Terry Moss, said that “the new demonstration kits will allow our sales force to clearly demonstrate the benefits of our technology, particularly the uniformity of illumination of our back lit MMI/HMI panels. What it also shows is the large number of different markets that this technology can be used in”

The IGT Industries demonstration kit includes various powered-up examples of their innovative, patented, thin-film backlighting technology and includes samples of ‘capacitive touch’ panels with thin-film illumination, illuminated logos, an illuminated membrane panel and a working sample of back lit capacitive switching with ‘slider’ function.

IGT-Industries have been at the forefront of Man Machine Interface technology for more than twenty years and have been responsible for many technological innovations now in common use. These include numerous backlighting techniques, integral RFI screening and most recently the development of capacitive switching systems, both touch screen based and single press control panels with optional back-lighting. IGT products are widely used in rail, marine, aviation, industrial and medical markets.



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