Intersil’s new processor brings affordable, high-end audio performance

Packaged in a 72-pin QFN, the SoC offers system interface flexibility with four I2S inputs, one I2S output, S/PDIF input/output, I2C port, and SPI port. In addition, the DAE-3HT is compatible with Audio Canvas III, Intersil’s design tool built specifically for developing custom audio path configurations, including support for D2Audio SoundSuite audio path enhancements and virtualizations. The 12 PWM outputs each provide overall exceptional audio performance driving both powered and line outputs.

According to new data from the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) “nine out of ten consumers say sound quality is the most important component of an audio experience.” The report states that the “appeal of high quality audio electronics extends beyond the audio enthusiast (34%) to consumers with a moderate interest in audio (39%) saying they are willing to pay more for high quality audio electronics devices.”

According to the CEA, “57% of sound bar owners and 58% of DVD owners said their products do not provide high quality audio.”

D2Audio’s high quality was originally used in high end home theater systems and products but this year, several docking stations are expected to be launched using D2Audio solutions, providing another example of the trend for delivering premium sound in compact form factors.


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