JDSU adopts Altera Stratix V GT FPGA for next-generation optical testers

Altera’s Stratix V GT FPGA is being used in JDSU’s next-generation Optical Network Tester (ONT) solutions. JDSU supplies optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industry, and is leveraging Altera’s high-end 28 nm FPGA in its ONT-600 series to deliver the first test solution targeting CFP2 100G optical transport network (OTN) environments.

The Stratix V GT FPGA is the industry’s only production-qualified FPGA that is currently available that integrates 28.05 Gbps transceivers monolithically, thereby offering customers both signal integrity and reducing design complexity.

The Stratix V is able to support the rapid growth in network traffic being driven by Internet and IP-based services and applications. The 28.05 Gbps transceivers featured in the Stratix V are able to deliver high system bandwidth at low power consumption while complying with the latest Optical Internetworking Forum (OIF) 100G standards.

“JDSU is on the leading edge of providing advanced testing solutions that enable networking companies and carriers to keep pace with the high-speed evolution of communications technologies,” said Paul Brooks, product line manager in JDSU’s communications test and measurement business segment. “Leveraging Altera’s production-ready Stratix V GT FPGA in our latestONT-600 family of testers allows our customers to bring to market the next generation of 100G solutions based on 25G/28G I/O.”

JDSU’s ONT-600 platform is a multifunctional and multiport solution for testing OTN environments. The interchangeable Stratix V GT FPGA-based plug-in modules within the ONT-600 family provide customers flexibility by enabling a single platform to support multiple technologies, including Ethernet, OTN, jitter/wander, SDH/SONET, VCat, GFP, Fibre Channel and 40G/100G CFP. The ONT-600 family’s plug-in modules address the optical and digital testing needs in research and development, system verification testing, production and troubleshooting.



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