KEMET introduces ArcShield technology for high voltage applications

According to KEMET ArcShield High Voltage capacitors are primarily suited for applications, such as automotive, that meet or exceed 500V with exposure to high humidity environments. The devices have been designed to inhibit surface arc-over discharge, preventing damage to the capacitor and surrounding components on a printed circuit board.

“ArcShield technology features a unique, robust internal shield electrode system that suppresses arc-over while increasing available capacitance,” said Bill Sloka, KEMET Specialty Product Manager. “This system offers both impressive performance and reliability when compared to external surface coating technologies.”

For added reliability, KEMET”s Flexible Termination technology is an available option that provides superior flex performance over standard termination systems. This technology was developed to address flex cracks, which are the primary failure mode of MLCCs and typically the result of excessive tensile and shear stresses produced during board flexure and thermal cycling. Flexible Termination technology inhibits the transfer of board stress to the rigid body of the MLCC, therefore mitigating flex cracks which can result in low IR or short circuit failures.

ArcShield High Voltage MLCCs are also available in automotive grade, which undergo stricter testing protocol and inspection criteria. Whether under-hood or in-cabin, these devices are designed for mission and safety-critical automotive circuits or applications requiring proven, reliable performance in harsh environments.

Typical markets include power supply, LCD fluorescent backlight ballasts, HID lighting, telecom equipment, industrial and medical equipment/control, LAN/WAN interface, analog and digital modems, and automotive. Typical applications include switch mode power supplies (input filters, resonators, tank circuits, snubber circuits, output filters), high voltage coupling and DC blocking, lighting ballasts, voltage multiplier circuits, DC/DC converters and coupling capacitors in Cuk converters.


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