L2Tek’s offers 28nm FPGA JPEG2000 codecs for 4K and 8K UHDTV

L2Tek, a manufacturers’ representative and distributor of components and sub-assemblies for professional video and high-speed communications systems, is now offering the world’s first 4K and 8K JPEG2000 codecs on single chip FPGAs during Q4 2012.

The parts, developed by intoPIX on Altera and Xilinx 28nm platforms, have been developed to offer greater integration, reduced power consumption and lower system cost in 4K and 8K UHDTV broadcast, cinema and professional video equipment. The devices offer virtually lossless compression, achieving 60 frames per second with respective maximum compression bitrates of 2Gbps for 4K and 8Gbps for 8K.

L2Tek’s director Mark Scott-South said, “Power consumption and size remain major considerations for designers of video capture, transmission and post-production systems. By implementing these codecs in 28nm technology, intoPIX has enabled us to offer our customers significant reductions in energy consumption, minimizing cooling requirements because less heat is generated. The high levels of integration in the chip also enable system designers to save board space, minimizing the size and weight of their products.”


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