Lattice and Intellivision develop intelligent HD video analytics for HDR-60 camera

The LatticeECP3 FPGA can interface directly to a variety of HD sensors, process the image for intelligent analytics and output the video through its high-speed I/O or through a combination of its integrated SERDES channels, making the solution compelling for both security and, in particular, HDcctv camera applications.

The intelligence suite developed by IntelliVision allows OEMs access to a host of features that will allow for product differentiation and help developers and manufacturers create a “Smart Security Camera.”  The suite includes intelligent video motion detection (iVMD), which can differentiate between an animal and a person, sending alerts only when necessary.  Intelligent Intrusion Detection (IID) sends alerts when someone opens a door or enters a restricted space.  With the Camera Tamper Detection (CTD) function, one can be alerted and act accordingly if a camera has been moved, blocked or knocked out of focus. 

Bringing these video analytics features to the edge of the surveillance network can relieve server strain and allow for greater scalability, because fewer servers are required to keep the security network operating at its full potential.  In addition, the functionality that has been added to the HDR-60 Camera Development Kit makes the surveillance infrastructure more efficient.  Not only are costs saved on servers, but false alarms and human errors can be reduced, offering better security at a lower cost.  Security is also improved due to proactive surveillance.  For example, the camera can send an alarm so action can be taken immediately, rather than forensically reviewing the video only after the security breach has occurred. 

 “IntelliVision’s analytics and the LatticeECP3 FPGA will work together to allow camera vendors to develop smart cameras quickly and easily,” said Steve Viegas, Director, OEM Sales at IntelliVision.

Lattice Semiconductor

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