LED Engin 7mm LED emitter available from Solid State Supplies

Solid State Supplies has announced availability of the LZ9 LuxiGen emitter, a new family of devices from LED Engin, a leader in high lumen density LED products. The LZ9 series delivers 2.5 times the lumens of existing LZ4 products within the same 7mm x 7mm footprint and the emitter more than doubles the Lux on Target, making it suited for directional lighting fixtures such as the spot, accent and downlighting used in retail and commercial applications.

LED Engin also offers a family of secondary total internal reflection (TIR) lenses in Spot, Narrow Flood and Flood beams compatible with the new LZ9 series. The LuxiGen single emitter/ single lens combination, available in colour temperatures ranging from 2700K Warm White to 6500K Cool White, provides the equivalent performance of a 75W PAR20 or PAR30 halogen source.

In addition to the standard CRI 80 product, the LZ9-series is the first LuxiGen series to be introduced with a CRI 90 option for applications that demand the highest levels of colour rendering. CCT binning of 3 MacAdam Ellipses is also available as a standard option for uniform colour emitter to emitter.

With 1350 lumens at 3000K and 1600 lumens at 6500K colour temperatures, the LZ9 emitter incorporates 9 die in a compact, 3 x 3 series-parallel configuration, package and, like the rest of the LuxiGen platform, uses a patented multi-layer ceramic substrate engineered to minimize stress on the die. The substrate has low thermal resistance to lower the junction temperature of the die for consistent performance over the service life of the product. The LZ9 emitter and TIR lens combination leads the industry in terms of “lux efficacy” or lux/Watt performance, a term that is more accurate than lumens/Watt to describe the usable light delivered in downlighting applications.



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