LSI SandForce flash storage processors enhanced user experience for Ultrabook manufacturers

Flash Storage Processors are the intelligence that manages flash memory in solid state drives (SSDs) and delivers the performance and power efficiency that is needed for the fast-growing Ultrabook market segment. The new SandForce power management optimisations enable SSD manufacturers to develop drives that extend battery life and reduce system resume times, critical requirements in today’s growing class of thin-and-light Ultrabook platforms. Fueling increased adoption of SSDs, the Ultrabook market is forecasted to grow at a compounded rate of 92 percent through 2017.

“Client computing customers are increasingly turning to the benefits of flash-based products to accelerate application performance and deliver an enhanced user experience,” said Jim Handy, SSD analyst for Objective Analysis. “With their high performance and sleek, lightweight designs, Ultrabooks are experiencing strong growth, and the power and performance benefits enabled by flash storage processors such as LSI’s SandForce FSPs are a key part of the appeal.”

With the improved features, SandForce SF-2141, SF-2241 and SF-2281 client FSPs are offering strong benefits for Ultrabooks such as consuming less power, providing as much as one hour longer battery life;  faster system boot and wake times;  meeting the low Z-height product requirement of Ultrabooks and support for SATA 6Gb/s host connectivity.

“LSI has shipped well over 10 million SandForce FSPs and we anticipate our shipment volumes will continue to increase, driven by the exploding demand and lowering price points for NAND flash technology,” said Thad Omura, vice president of marketing, Flash Components Division, LSI.

LSI Corporation

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