Lu-Con Technologies introduces an innovative new modular stencil technology

Lu-Con Technologies has introduced what it clains is a revolutionary new Modular Stencil Technology that has been designed to offer stencil manufacturers and end users an enhanced sub-frame stencil system but without the burden of royalties, licensing, franchise fees or other commercial restrictions. Equi-Foil is extremely simple to assemble and easy to use. Just simply bend the (4) individual members, connect the bent L-shaped members and mount the foil with a variety of recommended attachment methods and the Modular Stencil is complete. Equi-Foil VG is designed to fit into and seamlessly integrate with existing VG Master Frames in use today.

Equi-Foil has been developed to be extremely simple to assemble and gives anyone the advantage of choosing a robust modular stencil technology without the typical commercial restrictions placed on other systems in use today. Because Equi-Foil is supplied as 4 unassembled frame members, the stencil manufacturer can choose to install any foil of their choosing or their customer’s choosing. Any grade of, stainless steel, step-etch processed, nickel, alloy 42, electroformed and Nano coated can be used and the Equi-Foil is capable of handling them all.

“These are exciting times for Lu-Con Technologies. We know as well as anyone in our business that it is vital to have solutions and products to overcome the barriers of today’s and tomorrow’s technology constraints. The combined talent within Lu-Con Technologies is not only experienced but I believe the most creative and innovative in the industry. This combination is posed to set this industry alight with revolutionary and visionary technology,” says Ricky Bennett, President and Director of Technologies of Lu-Con.

Equi-Foil is a proprietary design developed by Lu-Con Technologies in Flemington, New Jersey and currently has patent pending status.

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