Marl offers fast prototyping on LED lights

Marl International has unveiled a new fast prototyping service for LED lighting products. Marl can normally produce a prototype printed circuit board (PCB) populated with surface mount LEDs within 48 hours, from a customer’s specification.  To use the service, customers need to provide Marl with the desired light output and dimensions or the specification of the target fixture. Marl will then produce a suitable design and deliver a prototype PCB within 48 hours, based on an FR4 or Aluminium circuit board. If required, Marl can design a complete housing for the light, though this aspect is not within the 48 hour service.

According to Marl Managing Director, Adrian Rawlinson, “Marl is unique in being able to design and manufacture LED lighting modules entirely under one roof in Ulverston, where most competitors outsource parts of the design or manufacturing process. Our new service gives customers a short lead-time, and the ability to bring to market the latest, most efficient LED lighting technologies ahead of their competitors.” He added, “When it comes to production, we can offer fast turn-around and competitive pricing on small volumes, but with our sourcing and logistics expertise we can match offshore manufactured price levels on much higher volumes as well.”

The fast prototyping service is based on an investment of £270,000 made by Marl in its production facilities. This includes £120,000 in a new machining centre and PCB router, and £150,000 in a surface mount PCB line that has been specially modified to handle PCB boards of up to 600mm long, allowing strip lights to be manufactured easily.

If required, Marl can also design a complete energy efficient, LED light including housing and/or fixtures to the customer’s exact specification. Its in-house lighting team has many years’ experience in both interior and exterior lighting projects. They can handle all aspects of the design including housing design, thermal management and the environmental protection aspects of a project.

Nathan Orton, Technical and Procurement Director, Marl International, said, “We are able to provide basic light level plots based upon customer drawings or we can provide a site survey service and produce fully rendered 3D model presentations of the project which illustrate the light levels and effects at various surfaces from specific height levels.”

Marl International’s design and manufacturing service operates under a quality system approved by the British Standards Institution to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.


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