Mek to exhibit at Southern Manufacturing

Mek, formerly known as Marantz Business Electronics, is to exhibit at Southern Manufacturing 2013 with UK distributor Gen3 on stand L22/L33. On display will be the new generation iSpector AOI system that unites advanced optical performance with inherent flexibility and accuracy and the PowerSpector S1 SPI system, a brand new approach to SPI featuring patented 5D inspection sensor technology.

iSpector offers full colour inspection for all stages of the production process and was the world’s first desktop system to offer one top camera and eight side cameras in 45/45 degree configuration. Increasingly popular 45 degree space-saving circuitry designs can now be inspected with 10µm resolution side cameras. A clean user interface, short programming time, and combined pattern matching and condition-based AOI algorithms result in high throughput with excellent defect capture and low false calls on solder paste, components, and solder fillets. Special THT inspection algorithms allow for 100% inspection of through-hole component leads. These systems deliver advanced AOI performance with either manual or fully automated PCB handling. Off-line programming and a complete suite of defect analysis and process control software make the iSpector systems a preferred solution by many of the world’s largest electronics manufacturers.

PowerSpector S1 Solder Paste Inspection by MEK employs a unique new “5D” technology that delivers true area, shape, offset, volume and height measurement together and complete for the first time. Simultaneous capture of colour 2D imaging and accurate 3D height profiles using a dual illumination, single sensor, provides identical resolution for 2D and 3D imaging. Significant operating benefits, include reduced set up time, increased cycle speed and actual zero reference determination and simplified calibration across the entire board to 1 micron repeatability. With elegant, real-time SPC process data management, PowerSpector S1 delivers defect detection far beyond current industry standards.

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