Microsemi’s new SECURRE-Stor SSD targets commercial security applications

Microsemi has introduced the SECURRE-Stor, a highly secure, encrypted 2.5-inch SATA solid state drive (SDD) that has been designed to provide data protection for commercial, banking/financial, medical, industrial and smart grid applications. SECURRE-Stor features a 100 millisecond fast-erase capability, which is followed by a full hardware erase in less than 10 seconds.

The fast-erase capability makes it suitable for secure laptops, automated teller machines and other systems that are currently using hard disk drives that may need to be physically destroyed to prevent data from getting into the wrong hands. SECURRE-Stor has achieved the federal information processing standard (FIPS) AES 256 encryption certification and is available in 64- and 128-gigabyte storage densities.

“SECURRE-Stor is addressing needs for secure SSDs beyond strong encryption in applications where protecting data is considered critical,” said BJ Heggli, vice president of strategic development and assistant general manager for Microsemi.

Microsemi’s SECURRE-Stor SSD leverages a variety of features to protect data and ensure reliable performance, including key management (session, permanent and custom keys), 256-bit pass phrase protection and hardware authentication. In addition, error correction, wear levelling and a failure prevention methodology protect data from catastrophic failures in critical applications.

An integrated Microsemi memory processor enables feature-rich capabilities and the flexibility required to support varying operating system requirements. Additional SECURRE-Stor attributes include self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology, and a built-in test capability.

SECURRE-Stor is designed and manufactured in the United States. To better meet specific customer needs, additional optional features include customised device form factors and application specific firmware.



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