Microsemi expands NPT IGBT product family

Microsemi Corporation has announced the availability of three more devices in its new generation of 1200 volt (V) non-punch through (NPT) IGBTs: the APT85GR120B2, APT85GR120L and APT85GR120J transistors. This product family is based on Microsemi”s advanced Power MOS 8 technology, which enables a significant reduction of at least 20 percent in total switching and conduction losses. The devices are designed for high power, high performance switch mode products such as arc welders, solar inverters, and uninterruptible and switch mode power supplies.

These 1200V solutions can be packaged with Microsemi”s FREDs or silicon carbide Schottky diodes to provide engineers with a highly integrated solution that allows them to streamline product development efforts. Additional features include: faster switching due to a significantly lower gate charge (Qg) than similar devices; more efficient power conversion enabled by hard switching operation greater than 80 kilohertz (KHz); easy to parallel (positive temperature coefficient of Vcesat) to improve reliability in high power applications; and Short Circuit Withstand Time Rated (SCWT) for reliable operation in applications requiring short circuit capability.

In addition, Microsemi will soon offer an APT85GR120JD60 device that is packaged in a SOT-227 and includes a 60A anti-parallel, ultrafast recovery diode built with Microsemi”s proprietary “DQ” generation of low switching loss, avalanche energy rated diode technology.

The APT85GR120B2 transistor is offered in a TO-247 MAX package, the APT85GR120L is packaged in a TO-264 and the APT85GR120J is packaged in a SOT-227. Microsemi”s new NPT IGBTs are fully characterized and in production now.



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