Modular NeoScale mezzanine interconnect delivers optimal signal integrity at 28+ Gbps

The device also features a patent-pending triad wafer configuration that isolates each differential pair for optimal performance and customisation.

“The modular NeoScale triad comprises three pins per differential pair – two signal pins and one shielded ground pin.  Each triad is a stand-alone 28 Gbps differential pair with no additional ground pins required and can be optimised for high speed single ended or power systems as well,” explains Adam Stanczak, new product development manager, Molex.  “The highly flexible and robust NeoScale mezzanine interconnect offers clean signal transmission and signal integrity compared to other mezzanine connectors available in the mezzanine connector market today.”

The honeycomb construction of the NeoScale mezzanine interconnect housing routes each triad to minimise crosstalk and effectively route out of the PCB in one or two layers, essentially saving designers in the cost of PCB material.  In addition, unique tombstone structures located in the connector housing protect the mating interface and flexible contacts to help prevent damage to the terminals.  Featuring a density of 82 differential pairs per square inch, the NeoScale layout can be customised with high speed differential pairs, high speed single ended traces, low speed single ended lines and power contacts.  Available with 85 and 100 Ohm impedance and mated stack height range of 12 to 40mm, NeoScale design options include 6 to 30 circuit column sizes with 2, 4, 6 and 8 row options available, ranging from 12 to 240 triads in one assembly.

The NeoScale mezzanine interconnect deploys patented Molex Solder Charge Technology as an attachment method for PCB termination.  More cost-effective and reliable than a ball grid array connector attachment method, the mechanical SMT process simplifies designs and facilitates strong solder joints in volume manufacturing by eliminating the need for thermal attachment and complex forms in the solder tail.

The NeoScale plug assembly features a 2.80mm pitch between differential pairs.  The receptacle assembly pin includes polarisation and keying features.  The ground pin has two SMT attachment points, with four solder charge joints per triad and the PCB footprint does not change when mixing and matching the different differential pair, high speed single ended and power triads within the housing.  The orientation of the NeoScale plug and receptacle provides a mirrored configuration with a dividing line of back-to-back shields.  The resulting mirror line bisects the triad pair to facilitate PCB routing and RX/TX pin-out management for optimal signal integrity and mechanical stability.  Durable moulded construction further protects against handling damage and provides optimised signal integrity and mechanical stability.

Molex Incorporated

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