Molex adds new versions to its Premo-Flex line of jumpers

“As electronic devices continue to shrink in size, we are committed to designing complex, microminiature products that maximise board space while providing the ultimate in flexibility, reliability and cost savings,” said Dan Kreger, product manager, Molex. “Premo-Flex products from Molex not only solve complex board-to-board interconnection challenges in confined spaces, they are available off-the-shelf so helping designers reduce lead times and avoid custom tooling costs.”

Molex has added an ultra-thin, ultra-flexible 0.12 mm cable to its line of Premo-Flex FFC jumpers. The complete line is available in 0.50, 1.00 and 1.25 mm pitch; multiple circuit sizes, from 4 to 60; and standard cable lengths, from 30 to 305 mm, providing designers with virtually limitless options. Molex can also accommodate custom requirements for FFC cable jumpers in lengths of over 305 mm. All Molex FFC jumpers can be terminated to Zero Insertion Force (ZIF), non-ZIF or Low Insertion Force FFC connectors and are ideal for complex board-to-board interconnections in confined spaces.

The Premo-Flex polyimide jumpers from Molex feature etched-copper circuitry, allowing designers to achieve the tight tolerances required for a reliable link to fine-pitch, 0.30 mm and smaller microminiature connectors. By terminating with Molex’s 0.30 mm pitch Easy-On and BackFlip FPC Connectors, the solution has been designed to meet the needs of designers who are looking for a dual-contact ZIF connector that enables them to use the same PCB pattern on adjoining, parallel PCBs. It also maximises board space and allows design flexibility for compact applications such as digital cameras and handheld medical equipment.

Molex Incorporated

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