Murata and Beta LAYOUT offer PCB service with free embedded UHF RFID

Murata and their RFID partner Beta LAYOUT have launched a prototype trial service for their MAGICSTRAP-based PCB RFID devices. Using Murata’s MAGICSTRAP devices, Beta LAYOUT will embed the UHF RFID component for a regular prototype order of up to 50 PCBs without extra charge. This allows electronics equipment manufacturers to investigate the ease with which this PCB identification approach can be implemented.

The use of UHF RFID has immense advantages compared to traditional optical identification methods. UHF RFID uses a battery-less approach. It will work when the device is unpowered and does not need line of sight. Identification can occur when the finished PCB is fully assembled and when it is packaged in the shipping carton. Apart from board traceability, the identification is available across the whole supply chain and greatly aids anti-counterfeit brand protection initiatives.

Starting from April 2013 this free RFID-prototyping service is available for 6 months.


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