Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei uses indoor navigation device to aid visitors

This technology has helped to transform mobile phones and other smart consumer devices into a convenient source of real-time information about the exhibition, overcoming the limitation of satellite navigation in indoor spaces.

Accurate indoor positioning is the key enabler for Location-Based Services, widely considered the next “killer application” in the mobile world. ST and CSR have integrated ST’s optimised MEMS devices with CSR’s latest positioning technology to produce a highly accurate and reliable indoor-positioning system that has been able to overcome the challenge of poor GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) visibility in urban canyons and indoor environments.

The cross-industry cooperation between ST and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei puts an exhibition guide on the visitors’ smart phone, letting them better experience the art of director King Hu’s movies. The system navigates visitors through the collection and automatically plays audio information as the user approaches each exhibit.

“Indoor navigation will make the interaction between people and their mobile devices simpler and more direct, opening a new era of smart consumer life-style. The combination of our accurate indoor-navigation technology with the latest exhibition of Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei showcases the power of this innovation,” said Patrick Boulaud, STMicroelectronics Regional Vice President, Analog, MEMS and Sensors, Greater China and South Asia Region.

“The joint project with ST on indoor positioning and navigation integrates art with technology in an innovative manner,” said Jui-Jen Shi, Director of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Taipei. “The museum is dedicated to exploring new possibilities and establishing new values for contemporary art through closer cross-industry cooperation that encourages greater creative development in both domains.”

Demonstrated as the world’s most accurate indoor-positioning system at Mobile World Congress 2012, the ST/CSR technology can reliably determine the location of a mobile device to within a few meters in the absence of GNSS satellite signals. In complicated indoor environments such as airport terminals, exhibition halls, warehouses, supermarkets, libraries and underground parking lots, the technology meets the accuracy needs for many of the emerging Location-Based Services.


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