Myrra’s 47000 Series Switch-mode AC/DC Modules are attracting a lot of interest!

Switch-mode power supplies (AC/DC converters) are now replacing standard linear power supplies in many applications. Whereas the linear circuit uses an often bulky steel laminated transformer, the MYRRA 47 series switch mode modules offer 5W capability in the “pin for pin” footprint of the linear EI30 transformer. Add to this the excellent efficiency, increased power to space ratio, energy saving through low standby losses, significant weight reduction, saving in PCB landscape and lower component count, not to mention the universal input voltage possibility, the attractions become clear!

Myrra’s 47000 series switch mode power-supply modules, based on Flyback topology, are a cost-effective and time saving alternative to linear power supplies using 50/60Hz transformers.

In any AC/DC application up to a 5W power rating, they replace the 50Hz transformer, fuse, bridge rectifier, filtering capacitor, and voltage regulator all within a single package.

Utilizing the same footprint as an E130 transformer this will save space and be ready for direct soldering into a PCB, meaning you could upgrade your application without redesign of the PCB.

The very low standby power consumption meets the requirements of Energy star/EC Code of Conduct

JPR Electronics now offer the full range of Myrra 47000 series switch-mode modules in various voltage and power options. Single output types available regulated or unregulated. Dual output types

Features include:

• Increased power: 3x compared to standard EI30 transformer
• Efficiency typically: 70% typical compared to 40% for the conventional supply
• Wide input voltage range
• Self-extinguishing UL 94 VO plastic and resin
• EN 60950, EN60335 & EN61558-2-17 approved
• Meet EMC standards EN 55014-1, EN55022 class B
• Now available with FULL APPROVALS – VDE, CE, ENEC, UL
• Input voltage 85-265 Volts AC; 85-370 Volts DC.
• Input frequency 47 to 440Hz.

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