New ARM DS-5 v5.9 toolchain provides additional support for mobile gaming development

The ARM DS-5 v5.9 toolchain has been designed to provide significant benefits to semiconductor suppliers and OEMs, as well as mobile application and game developers, by enabling improved system visibility and decreased time-to-market. In particular, the ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer, within the DS-5 toolchain, allows developers to design more interactive interfaces and immersive game play for end users whilst extending battery life. This will enable next generation user experiences for use on smartphones, tablets, smart-TVs and set-top boxes.

The launch of the updated toolchain looks to address the demand for high-performance graphics development. Such advanced visual computing capabilities will deliver next generation smartphone and tablet applications where console-like gaming graphics, 3D User Interfaces (UI) and Augmented Reality (AR) will be the norm.  Multicore systems, such as these, benefit from optimization of intensive tasks where integrated applications processor, GPU and memory subsystem designs can be configured to achieve the highest levels of performance and energy-efficiency.

By using the ARM DS-5 v5.9 toolchain, developers will be able to quickly locate system performance bottlenecks across the Cortex processors, Mali GPUs and System IP, so enabling the creation of faster applications and accelerating the software development cycle.

“Whether consumers are engaging in more immersive game play, using advanced user interfaces or more interactive AR applications, developers must optimise software across the entire system,” said Lance Howarth, executive vice president of marketing, ARM.  “A single tool chain for processor and GPU performance analysis helps achieve this and provides significant benefits in terms of increased productivity and reduced time-to-market.”

“Accelerated graphics is not only key to games and entertainment systems, but it is also a fundamental requirement for the Linux-based mobile phone, tablet and desktop user experience delivered through operating systems such as Android and Ubuntu,” said Alexander Sack, Platform Technical Director at Linaro, “providing graphics support for our member platforms in ARM DS-5 and making this easily accessible in Linaro will help to ensure that product development teams that use Linaro technology can bring their products to market more rapidly and with a higher quality experience.”

“Android developers who select multicore Mali GPU-based Cotton Candy devices as their platform of choice can benefit from the easy-to-use, integrated DS-5 tool, giving them system-wide visibility,” said Borgar Ljosland, FXITech.  “Ultimately the goal is to deliver the most visually captivating experiences to consumers, whether the end content is viewed on smaller mobile screen sizes or delivered up to their DTV”.

The ARM DS-5 toochain comprises of end-to-end software development tools that are used by silicon vendors, device manufacturers and independent software vendors to accelerate and reduce risk in their development cycle. The DS-5 flagship product, the Professional Edition, in addition to the Streamline Performance Analyzer, includes an advanced multi-platform debugger, the industry leading ARM compiler, fast simulation models of Cortex processors, and a comprehensive set of documentation and examples.

ARM Mali GPU performance analysis has been integrated to all DS-5 toolchain editions, including the recently announced Community Edition. This new lightweight and free-of-charge version of the DS-5 toolchain is designed for Android application developers who write native C/C++ code to achieve best performance results and easier platform portability. The DS-5 Community Edition seamlessly integrates to existing Android SDK and NDK installations and is available for download.


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