New high density product platform from Hypertac

The new spring loaded Microminiature Low Profile Interposer (MLPI Series) is designed  for demanding applications where space and height are limited but high performance is essential, in particular board-to-board stacking connections in defence electronics.

Available in 30, 60, 90 and 120 positions with 1 mm pitch as standard and with 4 mm and 6 mm board to board height options, these high density connectors offer a space saving solution that does not require any mating counterpart. They are the only standard platform available that can fully support mixed signal operation for DC, RF and digital signal transmission in one package, simultaneously if needed, which makes them adaptable to any application requiring high reliability performance and signal integrity.

Designed with a surface mount termination on one side, the interposer allows an array of signals on one pcb to be connected to another by simply bringing the two pcbs together and compressing the spring contacts. The mating pcb need only have gold plated pad terminations aligned to the interposer to make the connection, therefore, simplifying the design and construction as well as minimising the assembly costs of the system. 

Customised versions of the device can be quickly developed, using different pitches, pin counts, and shapes from the standard whilst ensuring high performance features. Custom designs with different materials and machined insulators can also be easily implemented, including special patterns for high-speed connections.


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