New HVC series of high voltage chip resistors from Ohmite

Comprised of 23 stock part numbers, this series has voltage ratings up to 3Kv and resistance values up to 10 Gig ohms standard (500 G maximum as a special order). Positioned as a companion to Ohmite’s HVF Series high voltage flip chip (resistor side down) SMD resistor, the HVC offers a wraparound terminal which enables the resistor side to be mounted up for better heat dissipation.

The HVC series has a 100ppm standard TCR, and tolerances as tight as 0.50% can be acquired as a special order (5% standard). The matte tin contact with nickel barrier is designed for extended shelf life. Parts are delivered in convenient 500 piece reels and contain no organic compounds, making them suitable for high vacuum applications. Voltage coefficients range from as low as 10ppm/volt and up to 100ppm/volt depending on resistance value.


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