New LED display lighting from TT electronics Optek

Able to emit a uniform and consistent white lighting pattern within its length, the OPA799 Series provides lighting for retail display, architectural, under-counter, refrigeration, mobile food service, and point-of-sale displays.

The OPA779 Series delivers quality lighting with a typical LED pitch of 1.5in, and a CCT of 5000K to 7000K. Total luminous flux, depending on device, ranges from 40lm to 180lm, with a maximum current drive range from 35mA to 175mA. Operating temperature ranges from 0°C to +70°C.

The OPA779 series comes in two lengths, with the OPA779D-616 measuring 23.5 inches, and the OPA779D-1169 measuring 46 inches. The OPA779D-616 and OPA779D-1169 solid-state lights can be used as a single unit or connected together in multiples to create scalable configurations. Optek will also build this product in custom lengths for unique applications. The OPA779 is offered with flying leads on both ends for flexibility on interconnect and termination. This scalability and flexibility allows manufacturers to easily retrofit existing lighting systems, or accommodate a variety of new system requirements.

The OPA779 Series is compliant to IP-65 and UL certifications (pending). The OPA799 Series is packaged in an acrylic water resistant assembly suitable for indoor use only.

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