New vehicle audio power amp targets vehicles fitted with stop-start technology

Built around a 0.13µm BiCD process, the new analogue power IC operates with just half the power dissipation of conventional Class AB amplifiers. As a result it allows designers to limit temperature through the use of smaller heatsinks.

The new device incorporates an I2C interface for control, configuration and diagnostics. Audio controls such as standby, adjustable mute delay and voltage gain can be operated via the interface, as can the sensitivity of the built-in clipping detection function. The latter offers three points of clip detection to ensure high quality sound output during different operating conditions.

For maximum diagnosis flexibility the TB2975HQ has three selectable tweeter detection ranges. Integrated permanent diagnosis capabilities include output short circuit detection, offset detection and loudspeaker open/half detection. In addition the device offers high levels of integrated protection functionality such as three thermal warning stages, thermal shutdown, and overvoltage protection.

The TB2975HQ is supplied in a 25-pin HZIP package.

Toshiba Electronics Europe

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