New video demonstrates Kikusui PCR Frequency Converters –high accuracy for many Component, Power-test or Margin-test & simulation, EMC, auto & aviation supply-testing: 60Hz/50Hz through 400Hz 0-115V-270V

Telonic Ltd’s newly available demo videos reveal the advanced frequency capabilities of Kikusui”s PCR-M-series flexible high quality, compact, Variable Frequency AC Power Supplies. Kikusui offers advanced testing-support features . The PCR500M, PCR1000M and the PCR2000M deliver greater flexibility – 40Hz through 500Hz 0-270VAC – with DC offset capabilities. Aimed at engineers building systems and component reliability Telonic, Kikusui”s long-standing UK Distributor, extends these advanced converters into development, production and test applications where reliability, precision-setting and measuring of variable AC power/frequency is critical to success. Kikusui’s advanced feature-set extends the simulation/testing of mains, EMC, Margin-test, aviation and automotive testing applications, all with settable protection limits, high accuracy plus frequency to 0.1Hz resolution.

The new frequency converters range from 500W up to 2000W and combine AC, DC and AC+DC output functions such as superimposing AC to test components at levels up to 380V DC, memory, current limit and selectable start phase for the fullest possible range of tests and simulations – even a waveform-amplifier option, making PCR-M a power amplifier supply for transient/disruption/anomaly tests by amplifying your own drive waveform, weighing only 6kg-15kg.

With built-in measurement it’s easy to monitor load response across a wide range of tests: Mains Supply Margin, brown-out testing, EMC testing for Aviation and Automotive – including voltage, current and power of its AC and its DC output, apparent power, reactive power, power factor, crest factor and current peak hold. Kikusui PCR-M Frequency Converters all come complete with RS-232C interface plus control and logging software (standard). Further options to provide GPIB, USB and an advanced analogue-input interface enables the PCR-M range of to be configured as versatile power amplifiers producing arbitrary waveform/functions, all driving your development, component testing and production capability to new heights.

PCR500/1000/2000M can all be purchased from Berkshire based Telonic Instruments Limited, also providing a wide range of service and support via UK-based engineers. We also have a hire option along with a wide range of higher-power and advanced measurement/oscilloscope/spectrum-analyser instruments.


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